My passion is to serve.

April 2012 marks eight great years of my career as an agent in Pru Life UK. Have you ever wondered how I got this far?

Working in the life insurance industry was not a childhood dream. In fact, I have never heard any child say, "When I grow up, I want to be life insurance agent!" Whoa! I can imagine their parents freaking out, "I didn't put you in a good school to become a SALESMAN!"

When I look back at my journey, I would guess that it was a series of events and circumstances that led me here, one step at a time. This site is a celebration of my achievements, musings and valuable experiences that I will share with you 24/7. This is dedicated to you who trust me (my current and soon-to-be clients), to my family, my friends and fans.

Welcome to my little place in the sun and thank you for your continued trust and patronage. I desire to develop mutually beneficial relationships! This is the EXTRA MILE. I would love to hear from you and your referrals.

Why do business with me? Read on...

*(A Nepalese greeting. “I honour that place in you where the whole Universe resides. And when I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you, there is only one of us.” quoted from Allegra Taylor, author of ‘Acquainted with the Night‘)


Edlynn Frondoso Ng

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